BigBankrollers Sports Consulting (BBSC)

BigBankrollers Sports Consulting is a company built to change the face of sports consulting. From the methods we use to produce our information, to the way in which we ingeniously manage your bankroll, to the literal 24/7 work ethic we pride ourselves on, rest assured your investment will deliver much more than a successful return.

Here is a simple breakdown of your three (3) main investing options (this can all be seen in detail on the investment options page):

  • General Access $50 Per Trade, 53-69% Target Strike Rate 
  • Special Club $150 Per Trade, 70-90% Target Strike Rate
  • VIP Club $1000-2000 Per Trade, 95%+ Target Strike Rate

Remember, BBSC is a full-serve Sports Consulting firm. We not only provide you industry-leading elite information, we tailor that information specifically to you and ensure we are putting your valuable portfolio dollars on the right information. Sports betting success is a marathon, not a sprint, and we've been running it consistently and successfully for over 10+ years now since our online launch in 2004.

Investment Options